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1. What is your name and your profession(s)? Hello! I go by the name Prizmadelik and I am a producer based in Los Angeles.

2. What is your ethnic background and what is your citizenship (US native or naturalized etc.)? I was born in Cebu City, Philippines and a Naturalized Citizen of the United States.

3. Are either/both of your parents musicians or somehow involved in the music industry? My dad was actually a drummer in his younger days. He’s the one that got me into playing the drums when I was 8 years old. Filipinos are known for their karaoke skills, so both my parents are amazing singers. Haha

4. Please tell us a little bit about your experience, either growing up as an AAPI in America, or as a person of Asian descent who immigrated to America, whichever applies. I came to the U.S. when I was twelve. Everything was new to me. The tall buildings, wide roads, cold weather, speaking english, etc. I was definitely bullied for being the new kid on the block. I remember fighting these 2 brothers who lived across the street and another 2 brothers who lived next door. They thought I couldn’t fight but I’ve been getting into fights since I was in 2nd grade lol. Yea it was a bad neighborhood. Apart from the negative experiences growing up, I loved my childhood. I made real friends when I started skateboarding and making music. I got to be in different places around LA just skating with friends. Everything is about perspective. There’s gold everywhere.

5. How connected do you feel to your heritage/culture(s)? Not as much as I would like to. I don’t really eat Filipino food (for health reasons) and I don’t see much of Filipino Festivals in the area. We definitely have big family functions though which is always fun.

6. 6a.) How did you get into music? Did you major in music in college? Where did you attend college/university (and grad school(s), if applicable) and in what subjects did you get your degree(s)? My dad is the one who got me into music. We had a rehearsal studio back in the Philippines. He hired one of the drummers to teach me how to play. In 8th grade my dad bought my “First Act” guitar from Kmart. In 10th grade, my dad bought my first sampler/sequencer MPC2000XL. In 2017, I attended SAE for their Audio Engineering Program. After I graduated from SAE, I went on to become an assistant engineer for Stones Throw.

6b.) When and how did you decide you were going to pursue music professionally? What were your parents’ reactions to you deciding to pursue music? Do they support your music career now? Music has always been a part of me. It’s one of the things I am good at. Pretty much inseparable. Thanks to my parents who have given me the tools to pursue music.

7. What are a few of your (music) projects of which you are the proudest? What were your roles on those projects? Beyond those projects, please feel free to name some of your other credits as well as any brands/companies you officially endorse. I’ve recently started working with up and coming artists as their producer. I have unreleased projects with artists such as Siale, Sabrina Chaco, Kianalei, and Nishan Murrell. All to be released this year and I’m excited for it. A fun project that I was a part of was for Songs From Scratch by Adidas Originals and Yours Truly. We had to set up 5 studios inside a mansion. I’ve also engineered some of the Stones Throw Artists. They’re all talented and I’m a fan.

8. Describe to me your dream project. A dream project of mine would be to collaborate with Silk Sonic. To just be in the studio and vibe!

9. What are some obstacles you have encountered (if any) being an AAPI in the music world? What are some obstacles you have encountered (if any) as an AAPI in general (non-music)? Conversely, has being an AAPI ever helped you in the music industry? I haven’t really come across any obstacles. I like being around musicians. It’s a very supportive community. I’m saying this from experience.

10. 10a.) Who are some AAPI musicians/composers/producers who have previously inspired and currently inspire you (if any)? Why? 10b.) What are your hopes for the AAPI music community and your hopes for AAPIs in general? Silk Sonic babbyyyyy! One of the greatest duos in today's era. So much swag. So much talent. Drip Drip Drip.

11. If you could give advice now to your younger teenage self, what would you tell her/him/they? Time is the most valuable thing. Spend it wisely.

12. Do you have any upcoming projects for which you are excited and about which you are allowed to share? Is there anything non-music-related on the horizon about which you would like to share? I sure do. As I’ve announced earlier, I have unreleased projects with Siale, Sabrina Chaco, Kianalei, and Nishan Murrell which are to be released this year. I’ve also released some instrumentals on Spotify and currently working on my instrumental album.

13. Name one or two non-music-related things/subjects about which you are also passionate. Mental health is at the top of my list. It should be everyone’s priority. Take care of yourself first so you have the energy to help others. It’s ok to take a break. Meditate.

14. Any final thoughts? Alternatively, do you have any questions for me and/or the greater AAPI music community? I just wanted to say thank you for letting me be a part of the AAPI community. Music is Life. One Love.

Instagram: @Prizmadelik

Facebook: Prizmadelik

Twitter: @Prizmadelik

TikTok: @Prizmadelik

YouTube: Prizmadelik

Clubhouse: @Prizmadelik (Andrew Reyes)

Bandcamp: Prizmadelik

Spotify: Prizmadelik

Soundcloud: Prizmadelik

Photos provided by Prizmadelik

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